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Table 3 Performance of risk models assessed in at least two models

From: Can the breast screening appointment be used to provide risk assessment and prevention advice?

Risk model performance (country) Gail Claus BRCAPRO Ford Tyrer-Cuzick BOADICEA
Quante et al. [42] (USA) 0.632 (0.576-689) Not assessed Not assessed 0.695 (0.638- 0.752) Not assessed
Powell et al. [41] (USA) 0.62 (0.59-0.66) Not assessed 0.60 (0.56-0.63) 0.65 (0.61-0.68) Not assessed
Performance in general population Well validated but needs more precision in familial setting Not useful Not useful Has been validated and outperforms Gail May be useful but requires addition of non-genetic factors
  1. Percentages are area under the curve with 95 % confidence intervals. BOADICEA, Breast and Ovarian Analysis of Disease Incidence and Carrier Estimation Algorithm