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Fig. 5

From: High mammographic density is associated with an increase in stromal collagen and immune cells within the mammary epithelium

Fig. 5

Aromatase analysis in high mammographic density (HMD) and low mammographic density (LMD) tissue samples. Cytoplasmic aromatase immunoreactivity appeared punctate in both epithelial and stromal components of paired HMD and LMD specimens (n = 15 women) (a-d). Percentages of positive aromatase expression were calculated by manually counting the positively stained cells (brown cytoplasm) and total number of cells in glandular areas and stroma, respectively (e). Black arrows: positive epithelial cell staining; blue arrows: negative epithelial staining; black arrowheads: positive stromal cell staining; blue arrowheads: negative stromal cell staining

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