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Table 4 Association between percentage weight change and changes in breast (density) measures (n = 591)

From: The effect of weight change on changes in breast density measures over menopause in a breast cancer screening cohort

  Regression coefficient Standard error 95 % CI P value
Δ Breast density, %     
 Percentage weight change −0.13 0.06 −0.25; −0.02 0.023
Δ Dense area, cm2     
 Percentage weight change −0.05 0.06 −0.18; 0.08 0.436
Δ Nondense area, cm2     
 Percentage weight change 0.44 0.11 0.22; 0.65 <0.001
  1. Regression coefficients and 95 % confidence intervals (CIs) were adjusted for age, body mass index, and waist circumference at baseline, parity, age at first childbirth, time between pre- and post-menopausal mammogram, age at menarche, and the premenopausal breast measure of interest (premenopausal percentage breast density, dense area, or nondense area)