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Fig. 6

From: Quantitative assessment of background parenchymal enhancement in breast MRI predicts response to risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy: preliminary evaluation in a cohort of BRCA1/2 mutation carriers

Fig. 6

Area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (AUC) for the logistic regression models to predict women who developed breast cancer after risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy (RRSO), based on combination of relative changes (i.e., [post-RRSO − pre-RRSO]/pre-RRSO) of their absolute fibroglandular tissue (|FGT|) and background parenchymal enhancement first subtraction series (BPE % SUB 1) measures (i.e., best in Table 1). Combining BPE % and |FGT| yielded a higher AUC of 0.80 than that of BPE % (AUC 0.78) or |FGT| (AUC 0.66) alone (both P > 0.2)

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