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Table 2 Relationship between c-Met expression and prognostic factors

From: The clinical and functional significance of c-Met in breast cancer: a review

Prognostic parameter Relationship Reference
Age at presentation No established relationship [6,46,49,50]
Tumour size Most studies have found no relationship [36,46,49,53]
  We found inverse correlation between c-Met expression and tumour size [50]
Lymph node status Most studies show no relationship [6,49,53]
  We found higher c-Met expression in node-negative tumours [50]
Tumour grade Mixed; some studies show no association [6,36,48]
  Some studies show increased c-Met expression in high-grade tumours [46,49]
  One study showed increased c-Met in low-grade tumours [53]
Histological subtype Increased c-Met in tubular carcinoma, decreased in lobular carcinoma [50]
Molecular subtype Increased c-Met in basal-like breast cancer [50,51,55,82]
Survival Increased c-Met associated with reduced survival [6,38,45-51]