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Table 1 Human infiltrating lobular breast cancer cell models

From: Lobular breast cancer: molecular basis, mouse and cellular models

    Protein expression Mutational status Molecular subtype  
  Tumor origin Tissue Ecad ER PR ERBB2 CDH1 TP53 CTNNA1   References
Cell lines            
 MDA-MB-134 Unknown (ILC?) A Neg Pos Neg Neg muta wt/mutd wt lum [25,30,34-40,45]
 MDA-MB-330 ILC P Pos Neg Neg Pos wt mute muti ErbB2-pos [26,46]
 MA-11 Mixed ITC/ILC BM Pos Neg Neg Neg NA NA NA NA [27]
 SUM-44PE Unknown (ILC?) P Neg Pos Pos Neg mutb mutf wt lum [28,33,36-38]
 HCC-2185 ILC P NA Neg Neg Pos NA NA NA lum [24,29]
 IPH-926 ILC A Neg Neg Neg Neg mutc mutg wt lum [30,33,41-43,70]
 BCK-4 Unknown (muc-ILC?) P Neg Pos Pos Neg na na NA NA [31]
Xenograft tumors           
 HBCX-7 ILC PT NA Neg Neg Neg NA wt NA NA [48]
 HBCX-19 ILC PT NA Neg Neg Neg NA muth NA NA [48]
 HBCX-36 ILC PT NA Pos Pos Pos NA NA NA NA [49]
 HCI-005 Mixed ILC/IDC P Pos Pos Pos Pos NA NA NA NA [47]
 HCI-013 ILC P Neg Pos NA NA NA NA NA NA [36]
  1. All information compiled from the literature; molecular subtype determined by microarray expression profiling in different studies. A, malignant ascites; BM, bone metastasis; Ecad, E-cadherin; ER, estrogen receptor; IDC, infiltrating ductal breast cancer; ILC, infiltrating lobular cancer; ITC, infiltrating tubular cancer; lum, luminal; muc-ILC, ILC with extracellular mucin; mut, mutated; NA, not assessed; neg, negative; P, malignant pleural effusion; pos, positive; PR, progesterone receptor; PT, primary breast tumor; wt, wild-type. ac.688del145; p.L230EfsX4. bc.1269delT; p.F423LfsX8. cc.241ins4;p.V82fsX93. dc.853G > A; p.E285K. Different mutational status in different studies; possibly a TP53-mutated subclone exists. ec.659C > T; p.Y220C. fc.82_84delinsCA; pE28fsX16. gc.853G > A; p.E285K. hSequence unknown. ic.1322C > G; p.S441X.