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Table 1 Biomax US BR962 breast cancer TMA was stained with an anti-Postn antibody (see Figure 1 ) and the results were scored as a percentage of the total cores on the TMA

From: Loss of periostin/OSF-2 in ErbB2/Neu-driven tumors results in androgen receptor-positive molecular apocrine-like tumors with reduced Notch1 activity

BR962 Postn + ve* AR + ve
35 Tumors 16/35 (46%) 3/16 (9%)#
13 Non-malignant 0/13 (0%) 10/13 (77%)§
  1. *Indicates the percentage of cores that displayed Postn expression by the cancer epithelia (see Figure 1G). #The AR expression scores of the three cores were reported to range between 5 and 30% positivity by the manufacturer. §All but three cores were reported to range between 1 and 50% positivity by the manufacturer. Expression levels were reported as variable. TMA, tissue microarray; Postn, periostin; AR, androgen receptor.