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Figure 2

From: Tumor-infiltrating immune cell profiles and their change after neoadjuvant chemotherapy predict response and prognosis of breast cancer

Figure 2

Analysis of CD4 and CD8 association with response in six genomic public datasets. Genomic public datasets of breast cancer patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy were analyzed to determine the relative contribution of CD4 and CD8 to pathological response. The odds ratios, with their 95%CI and the proportions of pCR, are shown in the forest plot for each dataset and for the pooled analysis (binary random-effects model); the median value (independently calculated for each dataset) was used as a cut-point between high and low expression. A) high CD4 expression was associated (P = 0.002) with pCR. B) high CD8 expression was more heterogeneous among the six datasets and did not show a significant correlation with pCR after neoadjuvant chemotherapy (P = 0.24). pCR, pathological complete response.

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