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Table 5 Androgen effects on spontaneous tumor growth/incidence

From: The role of androgens in experimental rodent mammary carcinogenesis

Reference Mouse/rat Carcinogen Dose a Duration Tumor growth/incidence
Tumor growth (treatment after palpable tumors)    
Heiman [102] White ratb Spontaneous/autotransplant 5 to 15?mg TP (total dose) 4 to 6?months ?
Huggins and Mainzer [103] SD rat Transplants 6?mg?T/DHT weekly 7?weeks ?
Nathanson and Andervont [30] C3H mice Spontaneous 7 to 17.5?mg TP weekly 4?weeks No effect
Tumor incidence (treatment before palpable tumors)    
Jones [104] C3H mice Spontaneous 1.5?mg TP weekly (weeks 1 to 3); 1?mg TP weekly (weeks 4 to 45) 45?weeks ?
Nathanson and Andervont [30] C3H mice Spontaneous 1.5?mg TP weekly At 4.5?months of age for 4?months ?
Lacassagne and Raynaud [105] C3H mice Spontaneous 4?mg TP weekly Beginning a few days after birth ?
Loeser [106] Strong A strain mice Spontaneous 28 to 56?mg TP (total dose) Implant ?
Schwartz [107] C3H mice Spontaneous 1,350?mg/kg DHEA weekly 5 to 29?weeks of age ?
Heiman [108] RIII mice Spontaneous 8 to 9?mg TP (total dose) 6 to 7?months of age for 8 to 16?months ?
Yanai and colleagues [109] SHN mice Spontaneous 1?mg DHT daily (prenatal) or 0.2?mg DHT daily (neonatal) GD 12 to 15 (prenatal) or daily for 5?days after birth (neonatal) ? (neonatal)
Mori and colleagues [110] BALB/cfC3H mice Spontaneous 0.02 or 0.005?mg?T daily Days 1 to 5 after birth ?
  1. DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone; DHT, dihydrotestosterone; GD, gestation day; SD, Sprague?Dawley; T, testosterone; TP, testosterone propionate. aSome doses are shown as weekly doses calculated based on the dosing regime in the original article. bFemale rats/mice unless otherwise specified.