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Table 3 SNPs that are statistically significantly associated with EPT-associated mammographic density change after correcting for multiple testing *

From: Hormone metabolism pathway genes and mammographic density change after quitting estrogen and progestin combined hormone therapy in the California Teachers Study

SNP (major/minor allele) Gene Minor allele frequency N (WW/WV/VV) beta SE P P ACT
rs7489119 (C/A) SLCO1B1 0.041 258/23/1 −4.22 1.25 0.0008 0.018
rs5933863 (G/A) ARSC 0.15 200/79/5 1.87 0.75 0.013 0.025
  1. *Based on linear regression model adjusting for age and BMI (kg/m2) at time of on-EPT mammogram, time interval and BMI change between the two mammograms, and mammographic density of on-EPT mammogram. Additive genetic model was used. Multiple testing corrected P value; P ACT (P values adjusted for correlated tests) within each gene was calculated using the methods by Conneely and Boehnke [33]. EPT, estrogen and progestin combined therapy; SNP, single nucleotide polymorphisms; SE, standard error; BMI, body mass index.