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Table 2 Results from a three-term multivariable logistic regression model with HRD-LOH, HRD-TAI, and HRD-LST scores as predictors of BRCA1/2 deficiency

From: Association of BRCA1/2defects with genomic scores predictive of DNA damage repair deficiency among breast cancer subtypes

Score P value OR (95% CI)
HRD-LOH 0.069 3.0 (0.89, 9.8)
HRD-TAI 0.00016 5.8 (2.1, 16)
HRD-LST 0.00014 7.4 (2.4, 23)
  1. Odds ratios are reported per interquartile range. This analysis included 197 patients, 38 of whom were BRCA1 or BRCA2 deficient. CI, confidence interval; HRD-LOH, homologous recombination deficiency-loss of heterozygosity; HRD-LST, homologous recombination deficiency-large-scale state transition; HRD-TAI, homologous recombination deficiency-telomeric allelic imbalance; OR, odds ratio.