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Table 1 Role of miR-183/-96/-182 in cancer based on recent publications within the last five years

From: MiR-183/-96/-182 cluster is up-regulated in most breast cancers and increases cell proliferation and migration

miRNA Oncogene/tumor suppressor Cancer type Function Target genes Reference
miR-96 Oncogene Hepatocellular carcinoma Increases proliferation and colony formation FOXO1, FOXO3a [2]
miR-96 Oncogene Prostate cancer Inhibits zinc uptake ZIP1, ZIP3, ZIP7, ZIP9, ZnT1, ZnT7 [3]
miR-96 Oncogene Medullo-blastoma Inhibits apoptosis, destroys DNA repair, promotes cell migration See reference [4]
miR-96 Oncogene Breast cancer Induces proliferation FOXO3a [5]
miR-96 Oncogene Breast cancer Increases cell number FOXO1 [6]
miR-182 Oncogene Glioma Promotes glioma cell aggression CYLD [7]
miR-182 Oncogene Melanoma Promotes cell migration and survival FOXO3 [8]
miR-183 Oncogene Synovial sarcoma Promotes tumor cell migration EGR1 [9]
miR-183 Oncogene Hepatocellular carcinoma Iinhibits TGF-beta1-induced apoptosis PDCD4 [10]
miR-96 Tumor suppressor Pancreatic cancer Decreases cell invasion, migration and tumor growth KRAS [11]
miR-183 Tumor suppressor Breast cancer Inhibits migration Ezrin [12]
miR-183 Tumor suppressor Osteosarcoma Inhibits migration and invasion Ezrin [13]
miR-182 Tumor suppressor Lung cancer Inhibits cancer cell proliferation RGS17 [14]