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Table 2 Estrogen-regulated genes in MCF-7 breast cancer cells

From: Recent translational research: microarray expression profiling of breast cancer – beyond classification and prognostic markers?

Estrogen-modulated and antagonized by ICI Number of genes from Frasor and colleagues a Number of genes from Cunliffe and colleagues b Number of genes shared Gene symbols
Upregulated 25 ≈164 c 3 WISP2, CA12, TOP2A
Downregulated 61 ≈80 7 INHBB, CTSH, ERBB2, IFI30, LAMB2, SELENBP1, IL1R
  1. a Data extracted from Frasor and colleagues, Tables 2 and 3 [8]. b Data extracted from Cunliffe and colleagues, Supplementary Figure 1 [7]. c Frasor and colleagues, Table 6 [8] identified 51 genes unaffected by E2 but downregulated by ICI. Of these genes, 22 (41%) are found in the set of 164 genes upregulated by E2 and downregulated by ICI in the Cunliffe and colleagues experiments, indicating that the response to ICI for these 22 genes was the same in both studies although the E2 response differed.