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Table 1 Patient groups according to the time of onset or withdrawal of hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

From: Changes in magnetic resonance mammography due to hormone replacement therapy

Group Examinations during HRT Examinations after HRT withdrawal Data evaluation
Group A (n = 150) 1   
Group B (n = 13) 2   Test for reproducibility
Group C (n = 30) 1 1 Test for effect of HRT (dependent samples)
Group D (n = 22)   1  
Group A + group B, first examination + group C, first examination (n = 193) 1   Distribution of curve types under HRT
Group C, second examination + group D (n = 52)   1 Distribution of curve types after HRT withdrawal
Total (n = 215)    
  1. Two hundred and fifteen patients were divided into four groups related to the time relationship between HRT and magnetic resonance mammography and the numbers of examinations. Examinations after HRT withdrawal were perfromed 1–3 months after termination.