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Figure 2 | Breast Cancer Research

Figure 2

From: Study design: Evaluating gene–environment interactions in the etiology of breast cancer – the WECARE study

Figure 2

Counter-matching (CM) on registry radiation therapy (RRT) status. This figure shows a hypothetical and idealized implementation of the CM 1:2 samples for this study. The solid and dashed lines represent the time on study for RRT-unexposed (RRT-) and RRT-exposed (RRT+) subjects in a matching stratum. Symbols: Filled circle, contralateral breast cancer case; short vertical line, women 'at risk' at the case's time of contralateral breast cancer who may serve as controls; open circle, counter-matched controls sampled from those at risk; number RRT+, number of RRT+ women in the risk set; number RRT-, number of RRT- women in the risk set.

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