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Table 2 PCR primers and hybridization probes used in estrogen receptor-α genotyping by real-time PCR combined with melting curve analysis

From: Estrogen receptor-α polymorphism in a Taiwanese clinical breast cancer population: a case–control study

Polymorphism site Melting Temperature (°C) Oligonucleotide sequences
Exon 1/codon 10   
   TCT 56 Primers for PCR reaction:
   TCC 64    Sense: 5'-GGTTTCTGAGCCTTCTGCCCTG-3' (301–322)
      Antisense: 5'-AGGCCGGTCTGACCGTAGA-3' (593–575)
   Hybridization probes:
      Sensor: 5'-ACACCAAAGCATCCGGGATGred-3' (377–396)
      Anchor: 5'-fluoresceinCCCTACTGCATCAGATCCAAGGGAACG-3' (398–424)
Exon 4/codon 325   
   CCC 58.5 Primers for PCR reaction:
   CCG 65.5    Sense: 5'-ACCTGTGTTTTCAGGGATACGA-3' (336–357)
      Antisense: 5'-GCTGCGCTTCGCATTCTTAC-3' (705–686)
   Hybridization probes:
      Sensor: 5'-GCTGAGCCCCCGATACTCTAred-3' (554–573)
      Anchor: 5'-fluoresceinCCGAGTATGATCCTACCAGACCCTTCA-3' (576–602)
Exon 8/codon 594   
   ACG 61 Primers for PCR reaction:
   ACA 67    Sense: 5'-CTGTGTCTTCCCACCTACAG-3' (337–356)
      Antisense: 5'-GGGTAAAATGCAGCAGGGATT-3' (641–621)
   Hybridization probes:
      Sensor: 5'-TCCCTGCCACAGTCTGAGAGCred-3' (575–595)
      Anchor: 5'-fluoresceinCCCTGGCTCCCACACGGTTCAG-3' (597–618)