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Table 1 Summary of cytological, histological and immunocytochemical features of LM38 sublines growing in monolayer culture, in suspension, or after subcutaneous inoculation in vivo

From: Malignant myoepithelial cells are associated with the differentiated papillary structure and metastatic ability of a syngeneic murine mammary adenocarcinoma model

Feature LM38-LP LM38-HP LM38-D2
Monolayer cultures    
   Islets of epithelioid cells Abundant Absent Absent
Pan-CK +++   
Vimentin +/-   
α-SMA -   
E-cadherin +   
   Small spindle cells Scarce Abundant Absent
Pan-CK Not defined ++  
Vimentin Not defined +  
α-SMA - -  
E-cadherin - -  
   Large spindle cells Abundant Scarce Abundanta
Pan-CK + + +
Vimentin +/- +/- ND
α-SMA +++ +/++ +++
E-cadherin - - -
Spheroids Yes Yes ND
Shape Smooth, round Irregular clusters  
Morphogenesis Gland-like Loose and solid cords  
Pan-CK +++ polarized cells ++ intermingled cells  
α-SMA/CK14 +++ central, peripheral or isolated cells + intermingled cells  
Subcutaneous tumors Papillary differentiated adenocarcinoma Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma Undifferentiated (myoepithelioma-like)
Pan-CK +++ abundant cells + or +/- scarce cells ND
α-SMA +++ abundant cells +/- scarce cells +++
  1. aPure cell type. α-SMA, α-smooth muscle actin; CK14 = cytokeratin 14; ND, not done; pan-CK, pancytokeratins.