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Table 4 Cell death-related genes in lactation and involution clusters

From: Gene expression profiling of mammary gland development reveals putative roles for death receptors and immune mediators in post-lactational regression

  Inv1?? Inv2?? Inv3?? Inv4?? Lac 1?? Lac2?? Lac3??
Cell survival Prdx2 Nfkb2 Api5 Bcl2l (BclX) Psap Akt1  
  Bcl10   Ank3 Mcl1 Birc4(mXIAP) Dad1  
     Psap   Gfi1  
Cell death Hrk Bcl2l10 (Diva) Fsp27 Igfbp5 Tnip1 (ABIN1)   Tnfrsf11a(Rank)
  Gzmb Casp4 (casp11) Bax Casp1 Eya2   Cidea
  Nkx3-1 Casp12 Casp7 Foxm1 Tial1   Dffb
  Tnfsf6(FasL) Gadd45b Serpinb5 Apaf1 Dapk3   Perp-pending
  Lsp1 Pdcd6 Pdcd6 Gzma Foxb1   Traf6
  Tnfsf4(OX40L) Cdkn1a (p21) Pdcd5 Tia1 Rbl2   Tnfsf9
  Tnfsf7 (Cd27l) Unc5 Tnfrsf6 (Fas) Phlda1 Tnfsf5 (TRAP)   
  Tnfsf10 (Trail) Foxb2 Fadd Tnfrsf4 (Ox40)    
  Tnfsf12 (Tweak) Mycs (s-myc) Myd88 Tgfb1    
  Tnfrsf9 (Cd137) E4bp4 Tnfrsf1a     
  Tnf (Tnfa) Ngfa      
  1. The identity of cell death-related transcripts was determined for each of the profile clusters illustrated in Fig. 4. Thus, transcripts belonging to the ontological category apoptosis or cell death from each cluster were listed according to their expected role as proapoptotic or survival factors. All gene names conform to the mouse genome informatics database [23], and synonyms are included in brackets where appropriate. A complete genelists for this apoptosis category is available on GeNet (see Method section).