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Table 3 Identity of immune-related genes in lactation and Involution clusters

From: Gene expression profiling of mammary gland development reveals putative roles for death receptors and immune mediators in post-lactational regression

  Inv1?? Inv2?? Inv3?? Inv4?? Lac 1?? Lac2?? Lac3??
Cytokines Lifr Il11ra2 Il12rb1 Osmr Il1rn Il1rl1l Il1r2
  Il1a Ltbr   Il1r1 Il4ra   
  Il1b    Il10rb Il7r   
  Il1r2    Csf1r Il11r   
  Il11     Csf1   
Chemokines Cxcl1 (Gro1)   Ccl9 Ccl6    
Immune cell antigens Lsp1 Cd80 Cd14 Cd79a    
  Cd19 Tnfrsf7 (Cd27)   Ly86    
  H2-M1    Cd86    
  Cd83    Tnfrsf4 (Ox40)    
  Tnfsf7 (Cd27l)    Lrp1 (Cd91)    
  Tnfrsf9 (Cd137)       
Acute phase response A2m Hpxn Cebpb Hp   Hpxn Orm1
  Serpina1c Orm2 Lcn2 Saa1   Nr3c1  
   Cebpd   Saa2   Serpina3g  
Immunoglobulin IgG-3 h-ch Ig variable regn. IgK l-ch (×2) IgM h-ch (×1) Ig l-ch   
  IgA h-ch   IgL l-ch IgM l-ch (×2)    
    IgA h-ch IgA h-ch (×4)    
     Ig K l-ch (×14)    
     Ig L l-ch (×3)    
     IgG l-ch (×4)    
     Ig H18    
Immunoglobulin-related Fcer1g (Fc rec) Axcam Necl1-pending Sema4a Sema4a   
  Pigr    Ltf Sema4d   
  Sema4b     Igsf8   
Complement C1qa   C2 H2-Bf C1qr   
  C3ar1    C3 C1qbp   
  C9    C4 C2   
Immune related Tnfsf4 (OX40L) E4bp4 Tgfb1 Casp1 Lig1 Irak1 Tnfaip2
  Tnfsf6 (FasL) Inhbb Tgfb3    H2-Aa Traf6
  Tnfsf7 (Cd70) Pafah1b2 Tnfrsf6 (Fas)     Tnfrsf11a
  Tnfsf10   Myd88     
  Tnfsf12 (Tweak)   Emr1     
  Tnfrsf9 (Cd137)   Ecgf1     
  Il4i1   Pla2g2a     
  Gp5   Fadd     
  1. The identity of immune-related transcripts was determined for each of the combined profile clusters illustrated in Fig. 4. Thus, transcripts belonging to the ontological category Immunity from each cluster were listed according to the immunological subcategories shown in the first column of the table. All gene names conform to the mouse genome informatics database [23], synonyms are included in brackets where appropriate. The number of transcripts of the same immunoglobulin chain genes are indicated. Complete genelists for these immunological categories are available on GeNet (see Method section).