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Table 1 Antibodies used in this study

From: A subset of morphologically distinct mammary myoepithelial cells lacks corresponding immunophenotypic markers

Antibody Company Clone Titer Staining pattern
Alpha-smooth muscle actin Novocastra α sm-1 1:50 Cytoplasmic
Maspin Novocastra EAW24 1:25 Cytoplasmic and nuclear
Calponin Novacastra CLAP 1:25 Cytoplasmic
Smooth muscle myosin heavy chain Dako SMMS-1 1:100 Cytoplasmic
Wilms' tumor protein Cell Marque 6F-H2 1:10 Cytoplasmic
CD10 Novocastra 56C6 1:80 Cytoplasmic
Cytokeratin 5 Novocastra XM26 1:100 Cytoplasmic
Cytokeratin 14 Novocastra LL002 1:20 Cytoplasmic
Cytokeratin 17 Novocastra E3 1:20 Cytoplasmic