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Figure 5 | Breast Cancer Research

Figure 5

From: Host microenvironment in breast cancer development: Epithelial-cell–stromal-cell interactions and steroid hormone action in normal and cancerous mammary gland

Figure 5

Growth of MCF-7 cells as tumors in nude mice. MCF-7 cells were mixed with PBS (control) (a) or Col I (a,b) or LM (b) and implanted subcutaneously in ovariectomized nude mice supplemented with estradiol. (b) Mice were subsequently divided into two groups, which received either estradiol (Col 1, LM) or estradiol + antiestrogen (ICI 182,780) (Col + ICI, LM + ICI). Col 1, collagen type 1; LM, laminin; ICI, ICI 182,780.

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