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Table 4 Frequency of the CHK2 T59K mutation in nine Icelandic groupsa

From: Mutation analysis of the CHK2 gene in breast carcinoma and other cancers

Patient group Number tested Carriers %
Breast cancer 685b 4c 0.6
Colorectal cancer 119 2d 1.6
Lung cancer 74 0 0
Renal cell carcinomas 71 0 0
Stomach cancer 37 1 2.7
Ovarian cancer 43 1d 2.3
Testis cancer 31 0 0
Other cancers 112 0 0
Controls 452 0 0
  1. aThe different groups consist of unselected patients, except in the case of breast cancer where patients with BRCA2 999del5 have been omitted. bIncluding samples from Table 3. cOne of these individuals is a bilateral case. dThe total number of carriers in this screening is seven, but one individual is a carrier of both colon and ovarian cancer and therefore appears twice in the table.