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Table 2 IPA upstream factor analysis of genes specifically expressed in hAMSCs grown in co-culture with PHBECs

From: Mesenchymal precursor cells maintain the differentiation and proliferation potentials of breast epithelial cells

Upstream regulator Predicted activation state Activation z-score P-value of overlap
TGFβ1 Activated 2,580 4,76E-16
SMAD2 Activated 2,204 7,91E-06
SMAD3 Activated 2,138 8,05E-06
NOTCH1 Activated 2,102 3,87E-05
Tgf β Activated 2,241 5,70E-05
MKL1 Activated 2,744 4,28E-04
MKL2 Activated 2,449 2,49E-03
MGEA5 Activated 2,887 6,60E-03
INSIG1 Activated 2,621 9,33E-03
GFI1 Activated 2,236 1,56E-02
TNF Inhibited −2,756 1,52E-15
IL1B Inhibited −2,446 2,96E-09
TP53 Inhibited −2,871 5,83E-08
NFkβ (complex) Inhibited −2,030 1,20E-07
CEBPA Inhibited −2,457 1,66E-06
TP63 Inhibited −2,301 5,32E-06
RELA Inhibited −2,192 5,25E-05
PDGF BB Inhibited −2,883 2,02E-04
MYCN Inhibited −2,440 9,87E-04
ALDH2 Inhibited −2,000 1,17E-03
CHUK Inhibited −2,101 1,39E-03
PPARG Inhibited −2,476 1,46E-03
TGFB3   1,286 4,60E-08
INHBA   −0.341 7.33E-05
TGFβR2   −0,296 1,59E-04
SMAD4   0,659 1,80E-04
BMP7   −0,464 2,17E-04
  1. PHBECs, primary human breast epithelial cells; hAMSCs: human adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells; IPA: Ingenuity pathway analysis.