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Table 1 List of mouse models in the dataset

From: A genomic analysis of mouse models of breast cancer reveals molecular features ofmouse models and relationships to human breast cancer

Model Arrays Promoter Description References
Myc 319 MMTV WAP/Dox Myc mammary tumors of various histological types, expression levelsand stability with variable Kras mutations. [15, 19, 20, 3538]
Neu 124 MMTV Induction of adenocarcinomas with pulmonary metastasis. [11, 15, 3844]
PyMT 119 MMTV K6/RCAS MMTV/RCAS Rapid induction of luminal-type mammary tumors with pulmonarymetastasis. [38, 4548]
SV40 Large T Antigen 107 C3 WAP Induction of mammary tumors with similarities to human basal typebreast cancer. [11, 38, 4951]
p53 92 Null Tumors with similarities to human basal type breast cancer. [11, 38, 52, 53]
CreEtv6/NTRK3 63 WAP Fusion oncoprotein transforms through activation of AP1. [54]
MET 52 MMTV Diverse histologies with similarities to human basal breastcancer. [16]
BRCA/p53 46 WAP MMTV BLG CKO of BRCA1 in a p53 null background. Tumors similar to human basalbreast cancer. [38, 55]
Wnt 35 MMTV Induction of mammary tumors with diverse gene expression patterns. [38, 5658]
IGF-IR 26 MTB Basal-like mammary tumors. Recurrent tumors resemble humanclaudin-low. [59]
LPA 16 MMTV ER positive, metastatic tumors. [60]
Stat5 16 BLG Induction of mammary tumors NA
Brg1 (+/−) 14 Mutant Heterogeneous breast cancers. [61]
DMBA 12 Chemical Mammary carcinomas with three phenotypes: adenocarcinoma, squamouscell carcinoma, and myoepithelial cell carcinoma. [62]
Ras 10 MMTV Induction of mammary tumors with rapid tumor onset. [38]
Int3 9 WAP Metastatic tumors. [63]
RB/p107 7 CKO Adeno and adenosquamous carcinomas similar to luminal B or basal. [64]
APC CKO 6 K14-Cre CKO results in adenocarcinomas with histological and molecularheterogeneity. [65]
Autotaxin (ATX) 5 MMTV ER + metastatic mammary tumors. [60]
BRCA 5 CKO Tumors similar to human basal type breast cancer. NA
STAT1 5 Knockout ERa + PR+, hormone dependent like humanERa + luminal. [66]
Notch 4 Dox Induction of mammary adenocarcinomas. NA
PDK1 2 MMTV Induction of mammary tumors [67]
Normal Mammary Gland 47 Not Applicable Normal mammary gland samples from FVB, BalbC, and CD1 geneticbackgrounds. [16, 44, 60]
  1. CKO, conditional knockout; Dox, doxacycline inducible MMTV-Rtta system;MMTV, mouse mammary tumor virus.