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Figure 3

From: A genomic analysis of mouse models of breast cancer reveals molecular features ofmouse models and relationships to human breast cancer

Figure 3

Gene set enrichment analysis of mouse mammary tumor models. (A) Gene setfor genes involved in the TCA cycle are significantly enriched(P < .0001) for low expression in TAG tumors.(B) A gene set for genes upregulated during tumor angiogenesis aresignificantly enriched (P = .019) for high expression inWnt induced tumors. (C) A gene set for genes upregulated in breastcancer metastasis is significantly enriched (P = .02) forhigh expression in PyMT induced tumors. (D) A gene set for genes thatupregulated as a result of TNF signaling is significantly enriched(P < .0001) for high expression in p53 mutant tumors.PyMT, polyoma middle T; TAG, large T antigen; TCA, the citric acid cycle.

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