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Figure 2

From: A genomic analysis of mouse models of breast cancer reveals molecular features ofmouse models and relationships to human breast cancer

Figure 2

Fold change analysis of Neu induced tumors compared to other tumor models.(A) The expression pattern for the top 50 significantly(q = 0, fdr = 0) upregulated and down regulated genesfor Neu-induced tumors as identified by SAM are illustrated with the heatmap.Above the heatmap, black bars denote the model each sample corresponds to.Expression levels are depicted according to the colorbar beside the heatmap.(B) The bar graph shows the bayes factor measuring the enrichment ofpredicted binding sites for the Krox family of transcription factors withinupregulated genes from each model. The dotted line indicates a bayes factor of2.0. (C) Gene ontologies for upregulated genes in Neu induced tumors aredepicted in the pie chart according to the color-coded categories. (D)Gene ontologies for upregulated genes in TAG induced tumors are depicted in thepie chart according to the listed color-coded categories. SAM, significanceanalysis of microarrays; TAG, large T antigen.

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