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Figure 1

From: VAV3 mediates resistance to breast cancer endocrine therapy

Figure 1

A chemical compound screen identifies an activator of soluble guanylyl cyclase as reducing the viability of long-term estrogen-deprived MCF7 cells. (A) Compounds with no differential effect (top panel), with an inhibitory effect on the long-term estrogen deprivation (LTED) of MCF7 cells (MCF7-LTED cells) relative to MCF7 cells (middle panel) and with an inhibitory effect on MCF7 relative to MCF7-LTED cells (bottom panel). The y-axis indicates relative viability of MCF7-LTED cells, and the x-axis indicates increasing concentrations of the compounds. Colored lines indicate average values. (B) Corroboration of the inhibitory effect of YC-1 on MCF7-LTED cells. (C) Time-dependent increase of cGMP in MCF-LTED cells exposed to YC-1.

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