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Table 4 Pairwise comparisons for the means of reference values, visual estimates and digital image analysis results, n = 164

From: A methodology to ensure and improve accuracy of Ki67 labelling index estimation by automated digital image analysis in breast cancer tissue

Duncan grouping* Mean Measurement
  A   44.1 Ki67-VE-3
  A   43.4 Ki67-VE-2
B A   40.2 Ki67-Count
B    37.7 Ki67-VE-5
B C   37.2 Ki67-VE-mean
B C D 36.5 Ki67-DIA-2
  C D 31.6 Ki67-VE-4
  E D 31.1 Ki67-DIA-1
F E   25.9 Ki67-DIA-0
F    24.3 Ki67-VE-1
  1. *Means with the same letter are not significantly different at P <0.05. DIA, digital image analysis; VE, visual estimate.