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Figure 3

From: A nanobody targeting the F-actin capping protein CapG restrains breast cancer metastasis

Figure 3

CAPNb2 induces moderate multinucleation. Flow-cytometry profiles. Unlike MDA-MB-231-GFP (A) or MDA-MB-231-CAPNb4 cells (C), MDA-MB-231-CAPNb2 cells (B) harbor a larger proportion of G2/M cells (t test, P = 0.0003, n = 3) and bi/multinucleated cells (t test, P = 0.006; n = 3). Cells in S-phase are significantly decreased (t test, P = 0.01; n = 3). A CAPNb4-triggered increase in G2/M cells is modest but significant (t test, P = 0.04; n = 3). PI, propidium iodide. (D) Histogram summarizing the data shown in (A through C), including statistical analysis (comparison with GFP-expressing control cells). (*p<0.05, **p<0.01 and ***p<0.001).

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