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Figure 4 | Breast Cancer Research

Figure 4

From: Evaluation of ultra-deep targeted sequencing for personalized breast cancer care

Figure 4

Patterns and actionability of somatic mutations. (A), (B) The allelic fraction of all TP53 (A) and PIK3CA (B) nonsilent somatic mutants (y axis) is displayed as a function of the cellularity of the tumor (x axis). Red boxes indicate samples where the allelic fraction deviates from tumor cellularity. (C) The allelic fraction of the nonsilent somatic mutations in the three tumors showing evidence of two subclones is displayed as a function of the tumor cellularity (x axis). Inset: highlighting the distribution of allelic fraction of the mutations identified in the two clones of AA952. (D) Schematic representation of the type of somatic variation identified in the genes actionable for their somatic status. The tumor cellularity is displayed in a purple gradient color. The samples are ranked by decreasing number of actionable somatic mutations.

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