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Table 1 microRNAs as potential targets for breast cancer therapy

From: Delivery of gene silencing agents for breast cancer therapy

microRNA Selected target gene(s) Function References
let-7 KRAS, MYC Tumor growth inhibition [8, 47]
miR-17/20 CCND1, IL-8 Regulation of tumor microenvironment [48]
miR-21 PTEN/AKT pathway Tumor progression and metastasis [9]
miR-103/107 Dicer Global microRNA downregulation [10]
miR-200 family ZEB1, SIP1 Epithelial-mesenchymal transition [49]
miR-205 HER3, E2F, ZEB1 Regulation of HER3 expression [11]
miR-206 ERα Suppression of ERα expression [50]
miR-221/222 ERα Tamoxifen resistance by suppression of ERα expression [51]
miR-708 NNAT Inhibition of tumor metastasis [52]