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Table 4 Correlation between percentage change in optical parameters and percentagechange in fibroglandular density by magnetic resonance imaging

From: Optical imaging correlates with magnetic resonance imaging breast density and revealscomposition changes during neoadjuvant chemotherapy

  r P
Water 0.864 0.012
Lipid -0.502 0.251
ctO2Hb -0.166 0.721
ctHHb 0.606 0.149
ctTHb 0.017 0.971
stO2 -0.412 0.357
TOI 0.818 0.025
Scat. power 0.195 0.675
  1. Data are for the seven subjects measured at approximately 82 days ofchemotherapy (five pre- and two postmenopausal). Bold values indicatestatistical significance at the 0.05 significance level. ctO2Hb,oxyhemoglobin concentration; ctHHb, deoxyhemoglobin concentration; ctTHb, totalhemoglobin concentration; stO2, tissue oxygen saturation; TOI,tissue optical index; Scat. power, optical scattering power.