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Table 1 Significant upregulated and downregulated functional gene networks of the migratory breast tumor cells

From: Selective gene-expression profiling of migratory tumor cells in vivo predicts clinical outcome in breast cancer patients

Rank Score Function network Genes regulated in function network
1 48 DNA replication and repair ALDOA, CDC25A, CDK1, CKS1B, CSDE1, DAZAP2, DBP, EMP1, FOXM1, IFI16, NCL, NONO, NPM1, PMAIP1, POLR2G, PTAFR, S100A11, SET, SF3B2, SKP1, SLC20A1, TRIM32, UBC, XRCC5
2 36 Embryonic and tissue development ACVR1B, ARHGDIB, CAP1, CAV1, CDC42, DDX24, FADD, GLO1, IL8, KLF11, LSM3, MSN, NCAPD3, PPM1A, PTPN11, RPS6, SMAD2, SNRPD1, SNRPD3, SNTB2, UTRN, VAMP7, YWHAE
3 33 Cellular movement and development ARHGAP11A, CNN3, ITGAE, MRPL27, OSGEP, PHACTR2, PRDX5, RFC3, RPL30, RPL37, RPL12, SNRPD3, TUBA1A, TUBA4A, TXNDC9, UBE2D3, ZNF184
4 33 Cell-to-cell signaling and interaction ACAP2, ASPH, CALU, COX7B, GARS, IMPDH2, ISLR, NOP10, PRDX3, RABIF, RPL11, RPL19, SDHD, STRBP, USP13, WBP5, ZNF207
5 27 Cellular assembly and organization ATP5G1, ATP5I, ATP6V0A1, DDAH1, DGUOK, ERH, FMOD, MYL12A, PSMB2, PSME2, SF3B14, STXBP2, TBCA, UQCR10, VAMP7
1 44 Nervous system development and function AKAP13, BBS2, CEACAM6, CHP, CREB1, DLG1, HSPB6, IL11, IL32, INA, ITGB3BP, NUP62, PNRC1, S1PR2, SH3BP2, SLC2A3, SLCO1B3, STAR, TNFRSF9, TRIM13, VDR
2 31 Cell death and cell cycle ACRBP, ATP8A1, BCL7B, DOC2B, GOSR1, IREB2, MIB2, NDUFB2, PSMD5, RASA4, RPL37, SLC2A3, TGFB1I1, TNF, TP53I3, TP53INP1, TST, TTF1, YTHDC1
3 22 Hematologic disease CHP, CNN2, F11, FRG1, GATAD2B, HSDL2, KCNJ9, POFUT1, SGCB, TSPAN14, ZFC3H1, ZNF165
4 19 Protein synthesis and cell morphology EIF4A1, EPB49, HEBP2, MACF1, MLL4, MPRIP, MYO1C, RAG1AP1, TES, UBR5, ZNF790
5 18 Drug and nucleic acid metabolism IL10RB, MDM2, NAIP, PIP5K1C, PPFIBP1, SLC25A37, SLC2A3, SLC38A2, SNRNP70, STK25, ZNF331
  1. The human invasion signature (HIS) was analyzed for significant regulated functions by using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis. The genes associated with each function network shown in the last column are significantly regulated in the HIS. Score: negative exponent of p value calculated by a right-tailed Fisher Exact test (calculates the likelihood that the Network Eligible Molecules that are part of a network are found therein by random chance alone).