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Table 3 Characteristics for four study subjects that had a time to progression of two years or longer

From: Results of a phase II open-label, non-randomized trial of cisplatin chemotherapy in patients with BRCA1-positive metastatic breast cancer

  Case number
  1 13 6 2
BRCA1 mutation C61G C61G 5382insC 5382insC
Age at treatment 56 34 48 66
Estrogen receptor Negative Negative Positive Negative
Progesterone receptor Positive Negative Positive Negative
HER2 status Negative Negative Negative Negative
Site of metastases Lung Lung, liver Liver Liver
Number of sites of metastases 1 2 1 1
Prior adjuvant chemotherapy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Line of therapy of metastatic disease 1 3 1 2
Response Complete Complete Partial Partial
Time from treatment to progression (months) 36 27 27 28