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Table 2 Pathway analysis of enriched ontological categories, major gene clusters demarcated in Figure 1

From: Gene expression in extratumoral microenvironment predicts clinical outcome in breast cancer patients

Category Function annotation Adjusted P-valuea
Highly expressed in Active   
Cellular Movement Movement of cells 3.94E-17
  Homing of cells 3.17E-07
  Chemotaxis of cells 6.23E-07
  Infiltration of cells 4.22E-05
Inflammatory Response Inflammatory response 3.09E-15
  Infiltration by neutrophils 1.91E-04
  Recruitment of macrophages 4.24E-04
Connective Tissue Disorders Connective tissue disorder 6.22E-15
Organismal Injury and Abnormalities Fibrosis 2.63E-07
Highly expressed in Inactive   
Cell-to-Cell Signaling and Interaction Adhesion of cells 3.38E-06
  Formation of cell-cell contacts 1.41E-03
  Formation of tight junctions 1.96E-02
  Formation of intercellular junctions 2.40E-02
Cellular development Differentiation of epithelial cells 1.08E-03
  Maturation of epithelial cells 8.05E-03
  Differentiation of epithelial tissue 5.13E-02
Tissue Development Morphogenesis of epithelial tissue 6.13E-03
  1. aBenjamini-Hochberg adjusted P-values calculated in Ingenuity Pathway Analysis.