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Figure 2

From: Relevance of PTEN loss in brain metastasis formation in breast cancer patients

Figure 2

Microsatellite analyses for AI on 10q in primary breast cancers and metastases. Base-pair position and the markers used are indicated on the top line. The result for each marker is shown as follows: AI, black; noninformative, light gray; unavailable measurement, dark gray; and informative without changes, white box. 1, 2, 3, 4, matching primary tumors and brain metastases; a: loss from bp:100000000; b: loss from bp: 95000000; c: loss from bp:114000000; d: gain until bp:100000000; e: loss from 80-90000000; n.d., not determined; NI, noninformative marker; CR 1, core region 1; allelic imbalance around makers D10S173 and D10S190; CR 2, core region 2; allelic imbalance around markers D10S541 and D10S1765.

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