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Figure 4

From: Aromatase inhibitors, estrogens and musculoskeletal pain: estrogen-dependent T-cell leukemia 1A (TCL1A) gene-mediated regulation of cytokine expression

Figure 4

Estradiol upregulates T-cell leukemia 1A upstream of IL-12, IL-12RB2 and IL-1R2. (A) T-cell leukemia 1A (TCL1A), IL-12, IL-12RB2 and IL-1R2 expression in U2OS-estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) cells after TCL1A was knocked down (KD) by an siRNA pool, with or without subsequent exposure to 0.1 nM estradiol (E2) for 24 hours. (B) TCL1A, IL-12, IL-12RB2 and IL-1R2 expression in U2OS-ERα cells after TCL1A overexpression (OE). All values are the mean ± standard error of the mean of triplicate determinations. (C) Diagrammatic representation of the sequential E2 upregulation of TCL1A followed by altered cytokine or cytokine receptor expression.

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