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Table 4 Percentage of cases detectable by screening for the screening strategies with 76% eligibility.

From: Breast cancer risk prediction and individualised screening based on common genetic variation and breast density measurement

Model Cut-offa Eligibleb (%) Cases screenedc (%) Mean (Sd)d
Age-Only - 76 81 0.033 (-)
Swe-Gail 0.0250 76 85 0.034 (0.014)
Swe-Gail, PD, BMI, The18 0.0195 76 91 0.037 (0.026)
  1. a Absolute risk cut-off defining eligibility for screening.
  2. b Percentage of individuals eligible for screening according to the risk distribution estimated by the specified model.
  3. c Percentage of cases potentially detectable by screening in the population undergoing screening.
  4. d Mean and standard deviation (Sd) of predicted absolute risk values.