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Table 3 Molecular subtype classification of primary tumors and corresponding xenografts at later generations

From: Molecular profiling of patient-derived breast cancer xenografts

Tumor code Origin Molecular subtype
HBC(x)-3 patient LumA
  xenograft p2 LumB
  xenograft p6 LumA
HBC(x)-5 patient LumA
  xenograft p2 LumB
  xenograft p5 LumB
HBC(x)-6 patient Basal
  xenograft p0 Basal
  xenograft p6 Unclassified
HBC(x)-7 patient Unclassified
  xenograft p7 Unclassified
  xenograft p9 Unclassified
HBC(x)-10 xenograft p4 Basal
  xenograft p8 Basal
  patient Basal
HBC(x)-13 patient LumA
  xenograft p6 Unclassified
HBC(x)-15 patient Normal
  xenograft p1 Basal
  xenograft p5 Basal
HBC(x)-12A patient (primary tumor) Normal
  xenograft (primary) p8 Unclassified
  xenograft (primary) p5 Basal
HBC(x)-12B patient (metastasis) Unclassified
  xenograft (meta) p3 Basal
  xenograft (meta) p6 Basal
HBC(x)-19 patient LumA
  xenograft LumA
  1. HBC, human breast cancer; HBC-n, HBC primary tumor n; HBCx-n, HBC xenograft tumor; LumA, luminal A; LumB, luminal B; meta, metastasis; P, passage