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Figure 2

From: A clinically relevant gene signature in triple negative and basal-like breast cancer

Figure 2

Immunohistochemical analyses of the cellular source of expression of the B-Cell and IL-8 metagenes in TNBC. A) Detection of B-lymphocytes by a CD20 antibody (red staining) in a triple negative breast cancer from the Frankfurt cohort with high expression of B-Cell and IL-8 metagenes. B) An adjacent section of the same tumor as in (A) is stained with an IL-8 antibody demonstrating that carcinoma cells are the source of IL-8 expression (red staining). Note the strong IL-8 staining in rod-like structures in the carcinoma cells. Further analyses using antibodies specific for macrophages (CD68) also demonstrated that macrophages are not the cellular source of IL-8 expression in the tumor (Additional file 1, Supplementary Figure S15).

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