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Table 1 Main reports of biomolecular expression of prostate-specific antigen related to the human female breast

From: Prostate-specific antigen (PSA/hK3): a further player in the field of breast cancer diagnostics?

Source References
Tissue from healthy breast [16,17,18]
Tissue with benign breast disease [5,16]
Tissue with breast cancer [6,7,8,13,14,15,16,21]
Association with steroid-hormone receptors [6,8,11,13,14,15,17]
Use as a prognostic indicator [7,14,16,20,21,22,23,45]
Gene and mRNA [9,10,11,12,15]
Breast cancer cell lines [11,24,25,34]
Milk [26,27]
Colostrum [28]
Breast cyst fluid [30,32,33,34,35,36]
Nipple aspirate fluid [27,31,38,39,40]
Serum of healthy and diseased females [16,19,20,22,35,41,43,44]