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Table 2 Frequency of Ala592Thr variant in various populations of breast cancer patients and control population

From: Low frequency of E-cadherinalterations in familial breast cancer

  No of families/ Frequency of   
Screened population no of cases Ala592Thr variant Case id Histopathology
Familial breast cancer     
   Non-BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation carrier 358 0.56% 311-89D Ductal comedo
    AL-155 Ductal comedo
BRCA1/BRCA2 carrier 126 0.79% BR-115 Ductal comedo
    BR-119 Ductal comedo
Sporadic breast cancer     
   Early-onset breast cancer 214 -   
   Unselected breast cancer 604 0.83% 17-S Lobular
    MB-181 Ductal comedo
    MB-483 Ductal
    ULL-17 Ductal
    ULL-284 Ductal
Control population 495 0.80%