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Figure 1

From: Geminin overexpression prevents the completion of topoisomerase IIα chromosome decatenation, leading to aneuploidy in human mammary epithelial cells

Figure 1

Geminin silencing induces chromosome bridges. Human mammary epithelial cell/histone 2B fused to green fluorescence protein (HME/H2B-GFP) protein is an HME cell line that carries an H2B-GFP allele. Examples of live HME/H2B-GFP cells in anaphase (A and A′, C and C′ and E and E′) or telophase (B and B′, D and D′ and F and F′) 72 hours following luciferase control silencing (siLuc) (A and B′), geminin silencing (siGem) (C and D′) or topoisomerase IIα silencing (siTopoIIα) (E and F′). Arrows indicate chromosome bridges.

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