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Table 1 HER1 and HER2 receptor number in the cell line panel

From: Quantitative assays for the measurement of HER1-HER2 heterodimerization and phosphorylation in cell lines and breast tumors: applications for diagnostics and targeted drug mechanism of action

Cell line HER1 HER2
AU565 204,560 1,447,688
SKBR3 143,599 1,402,832
SKOV3 387,771 657,0880
H1650 158,872 53,810
MDA-MB-453 5,316 292,984
MDA-MB-468 3,389,807 1,209
  1. HER1 and HER2 receptor numbers were determined by FACS analysis. Cells were re-fed with fresh serum-containing media the night prior to harvesting by trypsinization and FACS analysis. HER1 and HER2 receptor number determination was based on a calibrated standard curve.