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Figure 6

From: Quantitative assays for the measurement of HER1-HER2 heterodimerization and phosphorylation in cell lines and breast tumors: applications for diagnostics and targeted drug mechanism of action

Figure 6

Comparison of HER1/HER2 assay analytes in breast tumors pre-selected for HER2 positivity. A) Phospho-HER2 correlations with total HER2. B) Phospho-HER1-HER2 correlates with total HER2. C) Phospho-HER1-HER2 correlates with total HER1. D) Phospho-HER1-HER2 correlates with HER1-HER2 backbone assay. E) Phospho-HER2 correlates with phospho-HER1-HER2. F) Correlation of total HER1 and total HER2 is not statistically significant. For all assay comparisons the total assay data in RPA*IB/TA without subtraction of isotype control background signal were used.

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