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Figure 4

From: Exploring the link between MORF4L1 and risk of breast cancer

Figure 4

Variation at the MORF4L1 locus and breast cancer risk. (a) SNPs with previous suggestive evidence of association with breast cancer (BrCa) risk in the general population (P2df < 0.01) [67], genes and the linkage disequilibrium structure around MORF4L1 in HapMap Caucasians (data release 27). (b) Hazard ratio (HR) estimates of association of rs7164529 (top panels) and rs10519219 (bottom panels) with BrCa risk among BRCA1 (left panels) and BRCA2 (right panels) mutation carriers. Graphs show HRs and 95% confidence intervals of heterozygotes and minor allele homozygotes for all participating centers except for rs10519219 and relatively small groups (less than five individuals with the minor genotype). Size of the rectangle is proportional to the corresponding study precision.

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