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Table 1 Gene expression signature analysis of breast cancer

From: Signaling pathways in breast cancer metastasis - novel insights from functional genomics

Study Signature Size (genes) Type Validation
van 't Veer et al. [15] Poor prognosis 70 Classifier Clinical
Wang et al. [17] Poor prognosis 76 Classifier Clinical
Ramaswamy et al. [20] General metastasis 128 Classifier Clinical
Chang et al. [34] Wound healing 512 Physiological response Clinical
Finak et al. [37] Stromal 26 Classifier Clinical
Troester et al. [38] Stromal 155 Classifier Clinical
Farmer et al. [39] Stromal 50 Classifier, metagene Clinical
Chi et al. [42] Epithelial hypoxia 168 Physiological response In vitro, clinical
Winter et al. [44] Hypoxia 99 Classifier, metagene Clinical
Buffa et al. [41] Hypoxia 51 Classifier, metagene Clinical
Hu et al. [43] VEGF 13 Classifier Clinical
Kang et al. [23] Bone metastasis 102 Tissue tropism Animal
Minn et al. [24] Lung metastasis 95 Tissue tropism Animal, clinical
Bos et al. [22] Brain metastasis 243 Tissue tropism Animal, clinical
Bild et al. [50] Myc, E2F3, Ras, Src, β-catenin 248, 298, 348, 73, 98 Signaling pathway Clinical, in vitro
Nguyen et al. [52] WNT in lung cancer 81 Signaling pathway Animal, clinical
Padua et al. [55] TGF-β [53] 153 Signaling pathway Animal, clinical
Zhang et al. [54] Src [50] 172 Signaling pathway Animal, clinical
  1. TGF, transforming growth factor; VEGF, vascular endothelial growth factor.