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Table 1 Participants excluded because of poor mutation-screening performance by study centera

From: Rare, evolutionarily unlikely missense substitutions in CHEK2contribute to breast cancer susceptibility: results from a breast cancer family registry case-control mutation-screening study

Center Patients, n(%) Controls, n(%)
Breast CFR Australia 5 (0.8%) 11 (2.1%)
Breast CFR Canada 1 (0.3%) 2 (0.4%)
Breast CFR Northern California 4 (1.0%) 1 (0.7%)
Total 10 (0.8%) 14 (1.2%)
  1. a All 10 excluded patients were <42 years old, and all 14 excluded controls were <45 years old; percentage data are the percentages of the total number of patient or control DNA provided by the indicated Breast CFR center; Breast CFR, Breast Cancer Family Registry.