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Figure 2

From: A multigene predictor of metastatic outcome in early stage hormone receptor-negative and triple-negative breast cancer

Figure 2

Comparative prognostic performance of four different breast cancer gene signatures in the same validation cohort. Kaplan-Meier plot of distant metastatic events among the validation cohort of 75 HRneg cases pooled from three different sources (Materials and methods) and dichotomized at the median signature value for high (red) or low (green) expression of the (a) HRneg/Tneg, (b) NKI-70, (c) MS-14, and (d) IR-7 indices. Significance of the difference in survival between groups was determined by log-rank analysis. DMFS, distant metastasis-free survival; HRneg, hormone receptor-negative; IR-7, immune response signature with 7-gene immune response module; MS-14, Celera 14-gene metastasis score; NKI-70, 70-gene Mammaprint signature; Tneg, triple-negative.

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