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Supplementary Table 1 Radionuclides of interest for positron emission tomography (PET) and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) studies

From: Breast imaging technology: Recent advances in imaging endogenous or transferred gene expression utilizing radionuclide technologies in living subjects: applications to breast cancer

Radionuclide Half-life Type
11C 20.3 min PET
13N 9.97 min PET
15O 122 s PET
18F 109.8 min PET
62Cu 9.74 min PET
64Cu 12.7 h PET
68Ga 68.1 min PET
76Br 16.1 h PET
124I 4.17 days PET
131I 8.0 days SPECT
123I 13.2 h SPECT
111In 2.8 days SPECT
67Ga 78.3 h SPECT
99mTc 6.0 h SPECT
201Tl 73.1 h SPECT
127Xe 36 days SPECT
133Xe 5.2 days SPECT